Agriculture & Dairy are both complementary and dependant on each other.The Animal Husbandry Department worked with an object to generate employment in the urban  area & to assist improvement in economic and nutritional status of the society by way of rapid increase in livestock & livestock products. Livestock provides fibre & leather goods, self employment, milk, meat & eggs for human food.

The expanding market for milk & milk products and short gestation are encouraging the entrepreneurs to take up this activity on commercial line.

Poultry is an other important allied activity supplementing the income of the rural masses in the district. The Sheep,Goat & Pigery development activity have the potential of becoming main supplementary activity for income to rural masses.

Veterinary Dispensaries in rural areas are working for control of disease of animals and production by way of Artificial Insemination Programme.In order to increase the milk production of cows and buffaloes, A.I. centers were established.

Various Schemes  of Animal Husbandry Department :

  1. Cattle & Buffalo Development.
  2. Veterinary Health Services-
  3. Poultry Development
  4. Fodder Development Activities-
  5. Veterinary Extension & Education -
  6. Sheep &  goat Development -

Notable Schemes in Progress

  1. Intigrated Dairy Development Project-Parbhani district is lacking in milk production.To increase the milk production IDDP scheme was implemented since 1998.Benificires on the milk collection route they are supply two crossbreed cows on fifty percent subsidy.In the last year 179 cross breed cows are supplied in this scheme.And to the same beneficiaries the second cow will be supply soon.

  1. Marathwada package Scheme 2005-06. Under the Scheme the budgetary provision as under.
Sr.       Particulars                                                                                             Budget
1.        Supply of 2 milch CB cows to 500 beneficiaries on 50 % subsidy        70.00 lakh
2.        Fodder  production-Supply seed on 50 % subsidy                                 1.00 lakh
3.        Supply of material & equipment to 5 Dispensaries                                  7.50 lakh 
4.        Supply of Liquid Nitrogen to Veternity Institutes                                     0.30 lakh

Animal Husbandary Department