District Control Room

Office Name : Collector Office, Parbhani

Address : Collector Office, Station Road, Parbhani

Branch Head : Tahsildar,Revenue

Division : Revenue Division, Aurangabad

Ministry : Revenue and Forest Ministry, Government of Maharashtra

Operational Area : Collector Office

Specific Work :

  • Maintenance of all the computer peripherals in the collector office
  • Maintenance of all C.C.T.V. Cameras in collector office
  • Recruitment of MREGS Contractual Employee APO, TSP, Computer Driver and depositing their wages in bank
  • Collect information about various programs implemented in e-governance by the District Project Manager
  • Implementation of Digital India Land Records Modernization Program
  • Controlling the Maha-E Services Centers
  • To organize meetings of Setu Committee
  • To maintain coordination with the Setu Committee
  • Collect Working Information Under Maha-Online
  • To organize and maintain the library
  • disaster management work
  • Public service rights 2015
  • Aadhaar enrollment project