Revenue / Magisterial Branch

Office Name : Collector Office, Parbhani

Address : Collector Office, Station Road, Parbhani

Branch Head : District Collector & District Magistrate

Division : Revenue Division, Aurangabad

Ministry : Revenue and Forest Ministry, Government of Maharashtra

Operational Area : Parbhani District Collectorate and all Talukas in Parbhani District

Specific Work :

  • Assist Hon Collector and Additional Collector for Magisterial work.
  • Approval of arms license – Disapproval and all matters related to weapon
  • Order to investigate the firing of the police, investigating the magistrate about the death of the prisoners in jail
  • Take action against the bogus doctor review committee
  • Mahatma Gandhi TantA Free Village Campaign Implementation
  • Regarding issuing filthy certificate for the maintenance of petrolium A, B and C. Scrutiny of proposals
  • Regarding permission to store petroleum products. Scrutinize
  • Regarding withdrawal of social and political cases. Take action on sending the proposal to the government.
  • Consolidated leave of prisoners – Recommendations to the elite superintendent for release from time to time
  • Sub-Divisional Police Officer Daindini
  • Cases from state excise duty
  • Arms license
  • Approval of purchase of weapons
  • Regarding increasing the arms license area.
  • Permission for filing an allegation against weapons.
  • Licensing of the Arms License
  • Extension of purchase of arms
  • Recognizing the dead weapon holders with record of record holders
  • Renewal of arms license
  • Dispose off the issue according to the order received from the jurisdiction
  • Bogus Doctor Recollection
  • High court notices, sending provincial reports and other judicial matters.
  • Law and order
  • Issuance of mandate order under Mumbai Police Act in the district
  • To nominate the district government lawyer and government prosecutor on his demand
  • Fasting, streetcar, self-sacrifice, etc. In accordance with the movement, take action against law and order
  • To scrutinize and renew the approval of the cracker license proposal
  • Appointments of Special Executive Officers
  • Allowing other entertainment programs apart from cinema.
  • Newspaper titanium verification, declaration and subsidiary work.
  • Order regarding Weekly Market Approval and Closing
  • To scrutinize the approval of the proposals for the Khagraigram license.
  • Renewing Foodhouse License
  • Explosives- To file a charge sheet against the accused under the Petroleum Act.
  • To settle grievances and other general matters
  • To take action in connection with the implementation of noise pollution law
  • Reviewing criminal cases in the executive magistrates and sub-divisional offices and preparing monthly sheets