Essay Writing & Photograph Competition Extended Up to 25th August 2018

05/08/2018 - 15/09/2018
essay writing & photo cometition

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Essay Writing & Photograph Competition Extended Up to 25th August 2018

Considering the heritage of Parbhani district in literature and art sector, Parbhani District Setu Samiti has organized an essay writing competition (Marathi Language Only) and photography (photography) competition on the occasion of Independence Day. The Competition is conducted under guidance of the Resident Deputy Collector with inspirational support and guidance of Hon Collector, Parbhani.
District Informatics Officer, National Informatics Centre, Parbhani has designed and developed a separate online application for participation to this competition. The competition will be open from 5th August 2018 to 15th August 2018. To participate in this competition, the registrants must register themselves on this website or

Types and subject of competition:

Contest Number 1 (essay writing): Legacy of Parbhani District in literature and art.
Competition No.2 (essay writing): Parbhani: Land of Saints
Competition no.3 (essay writing): Historical and tourist places in Parbhani district
Eg (One of the following) Nanggiri, Navagad, Hazrat Turaabul
Haq Darga, Pokharni Nrishin, Pardeshwar, Mudgaleshwar, Pathri Saibaba
Janmashastan, Charthana Temple, Dharasur, Gunj, Nakotwadi, Varud Nrusingh,
Jambhulbet, Keshavraj Babasaheb Mandir Seloo or any other (any one)
Competition No. 4 (essay writing): The historical importance of Parbhani District
Competition no. 5 (Photo / Photography): Historical and tourist places in Parbhani District