World Bank Scheme


Background :

Improving the employment outcomes of graduates from vocational training systems by making training design and delivery more responsive to demand.

Achieving the above objectives in the budget speech of 2004-05 the Hon’ble Union Finance Minister proposed to initiate a program to improve 500 Industrial Training Institutes in the next 5 years @ 100 Industrial Training Institutes / years.

Objectives :

  • To produce high quality artisans in publicly funded industrial training institutes.
  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of coaches and trainers in P&P institutions.
  • Encouraging innovation.
  • Bringing systemic reforms.

Key Factors :

  • Improving the quality of vocational training.
  • Encouraging systemic improvement and innovation.
  • Project management and monitoring evaluation.


  • The Institute Management Committee (IMC) is the highest decision making body.
  • Implementation of Central Management Information System (MIS).
  • 75% of the total fund is provided by the Central Government and 25% annually by the State Government.
  • 5 for COE Rs. Crore funds and related trade improvements
  • . 2 crore fund for business upliftment alone
  • 87 institutions are covered under this project.
  • Incentive funds are provided to the state on performance basis.
  • 50 Crore per Rs 1.50 Crore per AU for upgradation of 56 ITIs covered under VTIP based on the performance of industrial training institutes on the basis of surplus funds utilization, approval of units, percentage of candidates passed, etc.

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